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About BioTimes Inc.

Founded in March 2020,  BioTimes, Inc. is a US-based biotechnology company with a focus on developing and manufacturing affordable, high-quality research reagents and IVD raw materials, including bioactive recombinant proteins, validated antibodies, and in vitro use immunoassay products. We aim to provide highest value and outstanding services to biomedical researchers and diagnostic companies around the world, to enable their discovery and product innovation. 


BioTimes, Inc. is committed to provide high-quality immunoassays, bio-functional recombinant proteins and highly validated antibody reagents for research communities and for in vitro diagnostic companies around the world.

Our Mission: 

To provide innovative and superior quality products and services to the global life science, biotechnology, medical research, and IVD communities.

Our People:

Experienced executives with 20+ years of business operation

Ph.D. scientists with 15+ years of product innovations

Application scientists who truly understand customer needs

Our Clients:

Academic researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical investigators, and diagnostic product developers


Located within close proximity to World-class universities (Caltech, USC, UCSD, UCLA etc.), distinguished biological research Institutes (Salk Institute, Scripps Institute, La Jolla Institute of Immunology, etc.), major Biotech/Biopharma companies (Pfizer, Beckton Dickson, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, etc.), and most popular IVD companies.  The South California location allows close business collaborations and easy market access.

Our Strengths

Scientific Innovation

Our highly innovative product development, manufacturing, quality system, and business operation teams strives to make 100% efforts to deliver novel products that provides best utility, convenience and extra value to meet customer's existing and future needs. Innovation is embedded in all processes of our business operations.


BioTimes, Inc. has a collection of advanced technologies that span research, development, manufacturing (scale up, yield, purity, and functions), quality control, process improvement, and operations . The company's established technologies ensure product uniqueness, high production efficiency, low cost and maintain quality consistency. Our technologies in bead-based multiplex immunoassay products allows platform independent, high throughput, better consistency, and low cost products that fits the needs of IVD industry. Our recombinant antibody and antibodies allows more controlled specificity, sensitivity and batch to batch consistency. 

Quality systems

BioTimes, Inc. follows stringent standards and quality control systems in developing and producing biological reagents.
• Standard operation protocols assure the high quality of products by using better quality of bio-active recombinant protein and engineered monoclonal antibodies and use of quality equipment;
• Proper biological validations and activity analysis;
• QA and QC quality assurance;
• All are traceable.


Our main operation is at 15375 Barranca Parkway, Suite I103, Irvine, CA 92618. 

+1 (949) 418-7543

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