High Sensitivity and Normal Sample Detectability

Minimum Detectable Concentration for most assays  are in low pg/mL range, some kits have sensitivities as low as fg/mL levels. Relative to calculated detection limit, all kits were used in testing relevant biological samples to establish normal ranges and expected % of detectablility. 

ELISA Kit Product Features
High Specificity

Full length bioactive proteins, instead of peptides utilized as immunogens for antibody production and as reference standards used in kits. Bioactive recombinant protein ensure that assays detect native proteins similarly between reference standards and native proteins in biological samples.

Monoclonal antibody sandwich pairs. In many of BioTimes Inc. immunoassay kits, the capture antibody and detection antibody are both monoclonal in origin. Two monoclonal antibodies ensures higher specificity when compared to most ELISA kits which use a monoclonal antibody as the capture antibody and a polyclonal antibody for detection.

Reference Standards

BioTimes's recombinant proteins are mostly human cell-expressed. Human cell expression ensures the proper folding, glycosylation, gamma-carboxylation and other post-translational modification of recombinant proteins. Kit standards are carefully calibrated against known references to ensure consistency from batch to batch.

Affordable Price

All products were carefully optimized for best performance. The raw materials, manufacturing processes, and quality control procedures are optimized to provide most reasonable pricing while maintain highest level of quality standards.

ELISA Antibody Paris

Most sensitive SARS CoV-2 N Protein Quantification Kit

BioTimes, Inc. SARS CoV-2 N Protein ELISA Kit is the most sensitive kit on the market. 


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