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Description: The BT-Link HRP-IgG conjugation kit utilizes a highly robust chemistry to generate highly reproducible IgG-HRP conjugates with a simple procedure.

Key Features: The conjugates labled with HPR conjugation kit have been shown to be extremely stable, retaining 94% activity after storage for 95 days at 37ºC when stored at a concentration of 0.5 µg/mL.

  • Liquid-based reagents.
  • Completely scalable: conjugate anywhere from 10 µg to 1 gram IgG per reaction.
  • Supplies sufficient activated HRP to conjugate all IgG at a 4:1 HRP:IgG ratio.
  • Highly efficient HRP incorporation - purification not usually necessary.
  • Customize the HRP:IgG ratio to create optimized conjugates for different applications.
  • Conjugates have greatly improved stability vs Lightning-Link™ and traditional chemistry.

Kit Components and storage


Kit Component

Storage Temp

Storage Notes

Concentrated Activator


Keep the vial in the desiccated container.


-20ºC or 2-8ºC

Does not need to be kept desiccated.

Quenching Reagent

-20ºC or 2-8ºC

Does not need to be kept desiccated.

HRP diluent


Does not need to be kept desiccated.

BT-Link HRP Conjugation Kit

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