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Contract Research Services

We offer custom services to meet your research and development needs. We specialize in developing and manufacturing bio-functional recombinant proteins, highly specific antibodies, and qualitative/quantitative immunoassay products including single analyte and multiplex assays based on different platforms. Our research and development teams have over 20 years of relevant experience in different areas of areas of product categories and adhere to the highest quality standards. Specific areas of expertise include:

  1. Custom recombinant protein production

  2. Custom recombinant antibody production

  3. Bioassay development

  4. Immunoassay development including multiplex assays.

  5. Sample testing services

  6. Bulk requests of catalog products

  7. Any other unmet needs that we may be able to help.

Email us or call us +1 949-418-7543 to discuss your specific needs, feasibility, logistics and cost.

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